The world's interest in the fascinating history of Titanic has endured for more than 100 years.

The Titanic 2

In an effort to reconstruct the RMS Titanic, an Australian man named Clive Palmer has set out to build a complete replica. The project has been in the works since 2012, and the expected launch date is 2016, when the ship will sail from Southampton to New York.

Designing the Titanic 2

This is no toy boat; the 2016 Titanic is expected to weigh about 65,000 gross tons, which is more than the weight of the original ship. When the Australian billionaire announced his new project in April of 2012, he began using a naval architecture firm from Finland to create an impressive design. In order to keep the project as historically accurate as possible, Blue Star Lines also hired a historian and design consultant named Steve hall. The interiors will be coordinated by another expert named Daniel Klistorner.

According to designers, the Titanic 2’s interior will be very similar to the original. The wood paneling of the original will be a veneer to appease fire regulations. In addition, passengers in the third-class cabins will not be regulated to unappealing quarters. They will be modernized.

The Safety of the new Titanic

Many people are wondering how this replica will avoid a similar fate to the original Titanic. This boat is intended to be as similar to the original ship as possible, with considerably more safety precautions. The ship will have greater stability as well as a welded hull. The building of the new ship will feature diesel engines rather than coal-fired steam ones. A new safety deck will feature lifeboats and other evacuation supplies.

Who will be onboard for the Titanic 2016 launch ?

In an effort to pay homage to the original ship during the Titanic 2016 launch, there will be at least two relatives of Titanic survivors setting sail. Terry Ismay, the great-great nephew of survivor Joseph Ismay will be on board, as will the great-granddaughter of The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Helen Benziger.

In building a new version of the Titanic, it is not clear what Palmer’s main reasons for building are. Many people have described him as an eccentric billionaire with too much money on his hands. Many people are excited to see the maiden voyage of this new ship, while others are taking a much more superstitious approach.