The world's interest in the fascinating history of Titanic has endured for more than 100 years.

The crew of the rms titanic

How Many Crew Members Did The Titanic Have

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The Titanic was carrying 2,223 passengers when it sank on April 14, 1912. Of these, 1,517 died. The deaths were not only made up of passengers, but the staff of the ship as well. The staff was made up of eight important groups including ship officers, deck crew, engineering crew, victualling crew, restaurant staff, postal workers, ship orchestra, and the guarantee group. These groups were made up of nearly 900 crew members, only 215 of which survived. Each group served a different purpose on the ship and had its own survival rate based on its location.

Job rank wasn't the only thing that determined if the staff had a high chance of survival. Just as more women passengers were rescued on the Titanic, the same is true for workers. Women had a slightly higher chance of getting into a lifeboat, with 24 percent surviving to 22 percent for men.

Of these deaths, nearly all were from either drowning or hypothermia. Because the water was only 20 °F, it was lethal to anyone who was unable to get into a boat. In addition to these deaths, there are many rumors that a crew member, William McMaster Murdoch, committed suicide moments before the boat sank. This has never been confirmed and his body was never recovered.

Ship Officers And Deck Crew

The main crew of the RMS titanic consisted of seven officers and the captain. Of these, four survived while the remaining perished in the sea. Captain Edward Smith, one of the deceased, was reportedly seen locking himself in the ships wheelhouse. It's reported he died clinging to the wheel as the room around him shattered due to the increasing pressure. This has made him an extremely famous captain and is commonly known as being known as a hero for "going down with his ship."

This is also the group William McMaster Murdoch was in. His death still remains a mystery.

The four surviving crew members of this group included:
• Charles Herbert Lighttoller
• Herbert John Pitman
• Joseph Groves Boxhall
• Harold Godfrey Lowe

The four deceased crew members of this group included:
• Captain Edward Smith
• Lieutenant Henry Tingle Wilde
• Lieutenant William McMaster Murdoch
• James Paul Moody

ship officers and captain of the rms Titanic

Engineering And Victualling Crew

Also aboard the ship were members of the engineering and victualling crew. These included both the engineers who worked on the ship, and the stewards who performed in the lounges. Because the engineering crew was located at the lowest decks of the ship, many of them were the first to die. In total, 224 of the engineering crew were killed during the sinking because they were unable to get to the lifeboats on the top deck.

A lesser known crew of the RMS titanic were the victualling crew. These workers were mostly made up mostly of stewards who had jobs as waiters, maids, and attendants. This group was made up of 421 workers, 23 of which were female. An estimated 60 were pulled from the water and saved. Of those survivors, 20 were female and 40 were male. This means that 3 women and 358 men from this crew died during the wreck.

The list of titanic crew members in this group is too large to list, but some survivors include:
• Charles H. Kearle
• Henry Allen
• Fredrick Barnes
• H. Ford
• T. Pallas
• Henry Wellesley
• Earnest Own,

Deceased crew members include:
• Allen Marden Boggott
• Percy Balls
• Robert Triggs
• Henry Sparkman
• James Taylor

Restaurant Staff and Postal Clerks

The Titanic was a top notch ship and this meant that it had a restaurant reserved only for first class passengers. The restaurant, à la Carte, was completely self-sufficient from the ship and employed 66 workers as cooks, waiters, or cleaners. Of these 66 employees, only 3 survived. It's rumored that this is because the crew was locked in their rooms by the stewards, but this has never been confirmed.

The surviving restaurant staff members included:
• Ruth Bowker
• Margaret Edwina
• Paul Achille Maurice Germain

Postal clerks were also crew of the RMS titanic and they were among the many dead. There were five clerks who were in charge of delivering methods in and out of the ship. Once the workers got word of the sinking, they attempted to save the mail rather than themselves. All five died. The list includes:

• William Logan Gwinn
• Oscar Scott Woody
• John Richard Smith
• James Bertram Williamson
• John Starr March

Guarantee Group And Orchestra Members

The remaining crew of the RMS Titanic were made up of the guarantee group and the ship's orchestra. The guarantee group consisted of nine workers and served the purpose of fixing any minor problems that occurred on the ship. All nine died in the ship's sinking.

The orchestra was made up of six musicians who played music as the ship sank. The last song played on the Titanic is unknown, but many believe it was either, "Nearer, My God, to Thee," "O God, Our Help in Ages Past," or "Autumn." Because the crew members decided to play music for the passengers rather than get to safety, all six of them died.