The world's interest in the fascinating history of Titanic has endured for more than 100 years.

Titanic survivors

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How many Titanic survivors were there?

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Sources disagree on the actual number, ranging from 705 to 713. But the odds of surviving were definitely higher for upper-class women and children, and female crew members.

The rescue of first class passengers was not a general priority; although all but four of the 140 women traveling first class survived, only 57 of the 175 men were saved. There were 80 female survivors out of 93 traveling second class, but only 14 out of 168 men. Third class survival rates were even worse; 76 of 165 women were rescued, but the list of survivors shows only 75 out of 462 men.

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Oldest, youngest and longest-lived passengers

The Titanic passengers ranged in age from 71 years to 73 days. The two oldest women, Mary Compton and Catherine Crosby, both aged 64, survived. The three oldest men, Ramon Artagaveytia, George Goldschmidt and Henry Mitchell, all aged 71, did not.

The youngest passenger was 2-month-old Elizabeth Gladys Millvina Dean. Although almost all 30 of the children traveling in first and second class survived, only 27 of the 79 children in third class were rescued.
Millvina Dean and her brother, Bertram, who was a few weeks short of his second birthday, were among them. Their mother also survived, but their 25-year-old father did not.

Coincidentally, Millvina Dean was the last of the Titanic survivors; the 97-year-old spinster died in 2009. Bertram Vere Dean also made the list of longest-lived survivors. He died at age 81 on the 80th anniversary of the sinking: April 14, 1992.

A Titanic Story of the Dean Family's Loss and Survival

Millvina Dean was the last surviving passenger of the ill-fated passenger ship. She was lowered into a lifeboat inside a mail sack on the fateful night that the ship sank into the depths and took so many lives with her. Millvina Dean passed away at the age of 97 in a nursing home that was located in Southampton, England.

Southampton was the same English port that the RSM Titanic launched from on it's voyage into history. Ms. Dean was only 9 weeks old when she was lowered to safety onto lifeboat number ten along with her mother Mrs. Eva Georgetta Light Dean. Mrs. Eva Dean was aged 32 at the time of the disaster. She and her daughter, Miss Elizabeth Gladys Dean, who was later known as Millvina, was traveling in 3rd class when they were placed into lifeboat number 10. Mrs. Dean became separated from her young son, Master Bertram Vere Dean, who was but one year old at that time. She comforted herself with the thought that her son and her husband were together on board the Titanic and would be able to get into another lifeboat and join herself and her daughter upon rescue. While the mother, baby sister and young brother were reunited on board the Carpathia, Mrs. Deans husband, Bertram Frank Dean was numbered among those lost at sea.

Miss Dean never married and lived quietly without much thought to that fateful night until the world found her after a renewed interest in the disaster surfaced upon the popular movies premiere in 1996. The movie starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as passengers of the Titanic. Miss Dean survived her brother Bertram Frank Dean, who died on April 14 in 1992. Her mother, Eva Dean, preceded her in death on September 13 in 1975. Millvina's father, Mr. Bertram Frank Dean was only 25 years old at the time of his death aboard the Titanic. His occupation was listed as a farmer and his last residence was listed as Bartley Farm in Hampshire, England. All four members of the Dean family shared ticket numbers 2315 on their fateful trip. In a twist of fate, this last surviver of the Titanic passed away on the anniversary that would be number 98 of the great ships launching.

survivors of the Titanic photo taken from the Carpathia
photos of titanic survivors on way to carpathia

The story of Charles John Joughin is but one of the many survivor stories. Mr. Joughin was born on August 3 of 1879 and was 32 years old at the time of the Titanic sinking. His occupation was that of Chief Baker aboard the great ship. Some attribute his survival to the ingestion of not just one but two bottles of whiskey before the boat slipped beneath the frigid waters of the ocean. Mr. Joughin rode the ship into the water much like the characters of Rose and Jack did in the movie. He stepped into the ocean and did not even get his head wet on the ride. He was rescued after 3 hours in the icy, cold water by lifeboat B and boarded the Carpathia. He died on December 9 of 1956 and is buried in Patterson, New Jersey in the United States at Cedar Lawn Cemetery.

Joughin performed his duties and carried the supplies to the lifeboats. He has been depicted as a simple drunk in some renditions of the story of the Titanic but, in truth, he helped people into the lifeboats, insured that they had supplies for survival and tossed items that he thought might float in an effort to give people who might end up in the ocean water something on which to hold onto. He did imbibe in large amounts of alcohol but that has been attributed to his surviving the icy water while many others did not.

Joughin's first voyage aboard a ship was in the capacity of Cabin Boy in 1896 on the SS Melbourne. He traveled aboard that ship to South America on his first journey. Joughin was said to enjoy drinking alcohol his entire life.

The Habitual Survivor

Miss Violet Constance Jessop was another on the list of Titanic survivors. She was a nurse and stewardess on the ocean liner. Violet was a surviver three times over. She also survived, in 1915 the sister ship of Titanic, the Britannic tragedy. Violet was also on board the RMS Olympic at the time that is collided with the HMS Hawke. She was aged 24 years at the time of the sinking of the Titanic. Violet passed away on May 5 of 1971 and is buried in Hartest in Suffold, England.

There are 710 stories of the survivors who lived on that fateful night. They are all as interesting and compelling as the individuals who survived that night in history.